Reference Tables: Drug administration unit










Values describe drug administration units.

This table has been defined by the CBIP/BCFI.

Context of use: posology element (of item element)

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
00001 5 ml
00002 amp.
00003 applic.
00004 caps.
00005 compr.
00006 dosis
00007 drops
00008 flac.
00009 implant
00010 perfusion
00011 inhal.
00012 insert
00013 chewing gum
00014 Compress(es)
00015 lav.
00016 ml
00017 ov.
00018 pearl(s)
00019 pastille
00020 patch
00021 cart.
00022 pen
00023 puff(s)
00024 sponge
00025 (deprecated) stylo
00026 suppo
00027 tube
00028 wick
00029 bag
00030 bag(s)
cm centimeter
dropsperminute (deprecated) drops per minute
gm gram
internationalunits international units
mck/h (deprecated) microgram per hour
mck/kg/minute (deprecated) microgram per kilogram per minute
measure (deprecated) measure
mg/h (deprecated) milligram per hour
ml/h (deprecated) milliliter per hour
tbl tablespoon
tsp teaspoon
unt/h (deprecated) units per hour
mg milligram
mg/ml (deprecated) milligram per milliliter
meq milli-equivalent
miu miu
iu iu
mmol millimol
effervescent-tablet effervescent tablet
micrograms micrograms
bandage bandage
piece piece
box box
liter liter
syringe syringe
ampoule ampoule
bottle bottle
syringe-ampoule syringe ampoule
         <cd SV="1.4" S="CD-ADMINISTRATIONUNIT">00001</cd>

This represents an administration unit of 5ml