FHIR profiles

The Core Belgian Federal FHIR Profiles initiative.

When needed, eHealth Platform publishes specific profiles and implementation guidelines for federal initiatives.

These publications take the form of downloadable technical profiles according to the FHIR specifications. All profiled resources, ValueSets, CodeSystems and NamingSystems are published as FHIR artefacts and bundled in the FHIR artefact Implementation Guide.

The current Implementation Guide is available to view via a webbrowser. When needed to download it, that is provided via the menu 'Support' on those pages. Besides the profiles, ValueSets etc. that implementation Guide also contains general information in its 'Home' and 'Guidance' tabs. 

Please note, the above Implementation Guide is a true FHIR artefact and as such, it can be used in combination with the tools from HL7.

You can download previous version of the Implementation Guide below:

Implementation Guide 1.0.0