A new version of the EhValidator has been released

The version 1.10 of the Incapacity Notification Schematron has been added to the EhValidator.

Incapacity Notification 2.0 Schematron has been modified.

Following the Incapacity Notification 2.0 Clarifications from 2022-16-09, we have adapted the Schematron by removing some contraints.

See these tickets to view the changes: ESi-93 ESI-42 ESI-72

Incapacity Notification 2.0 Clarifications

During the minilabs in the last weeks, it became clear that there were multiple options for interpretation on some topics. In order to clarify these sections of text and to better support the development of the software, the wording has been improved. This in no way means that the business rules that have been agreed on by the stakeholders have changed. 

Incapacity Notification 2.0 Schematron has been modified.

Due to some remarks during the Minilabs, we have improved the schematron for Incapacity Notification. No additional contraints have been added, and some have been removed. Thank you for the feedback of all parties involved.