eHealth Business Continuity Plan

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Om de continuïteit van de dienstverlening in stand te houden, om bedrijfskritische applicaties te herstellen en om de beschikbaarheid van eHealth diensten te verbeteren.

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Gebruikers van eHealth services.

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BCP Insurability
30/06/2016 - (257.86 KB)

This PowerPoint presentation explains the Business Continuity Plan Assurability Pharmacists as presented at the eHealth platform on June 2016, 21st.

Questions about the Recip-e/APB connector will be treated by APB-Recip-e at: support [at] recip-e [dot] be
All other questions can be sent to: integration-support [at] ehealth [dot] fgov [dot] be

eHP Business Continuity Plan
16/06/2016 - (902.86 KB)

In order to maintain business continuity, to recover critical business applications and to improve availability of eHealth services, the eHealth platform makes available to the end-users an online, downloadable and upto-date XML file . In this file, the end-users will find a list of the services and for each service, following information is specified:

  • The name of the service and their UDDI key.
  • A sequence of the endpoints of the service including the main endpoint (currently used to invoke the service) and the recovery endpoints (used in case of failure of the invoking of the main endpoint) and, for each endpoint, the status of its activity (ACTIVE or INACTIVE). In case of inactivity of the main endpoint i.e. service encountered errors ; the end-users can use the active proposed recovery endpoints by respecting the sequence number to recover their service.
  • An XML signature signed by the eHealth platform whose purpose is to ensure the authenticity, the integrity and the non-repudiation of the published file.

The procedures and the description of the XML file are described in the next paragraphs.

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