Service eHealth IdSupport platform Id Support WS<p>The eHealth platform Id Support WS is intended to be used only by authorized healthcare professionals and institutions in the context of the care of the patients and the implied relations with the Belgian Social Security (e.g. insurance status verification). This cookbook explains the structure and content aspects of the possible requests and the replies. An example illustrates each of those messages. Also, a list of possible errors can be found in this document.</p>Thu, 20 Jul 2017 17:16:12 +0200platform_asset:40c3ebf19b4daaac7901c99b58cb29bf:2017/07/20CookbookID Support<p>The objective of this document is to define the Service Level Agreement for ID Support proposed by the eHealth platform. It defines the minimum level of service offered on the eHealth platform, and provides eHealth&rsquo;s own understanding of service level offering, its measurement methods and its objectives in the long run.</p>Mon, 01 Jun 2015 17:16:12 +0200platform_asset:19831d81fc03ff1cc38ed360874606bc:2015/06/01Service Level agreement/SLA